CUPE 204 Members (WRHA and SHARED HEALTH MANTIOBA) Please visit for up to date information and to sign up for the CUPE 204 email or to change your address and contact information.

This website for CUPE 5362 will no longer be updated. It will remain viewable so that those CUPE 204 Members who work at CancerCare Manitoba will still have access to information that pertained to them prior to the merge of CUPE 5362 into CUPE 204.


CUPE National:

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CUPE Provincial Health Care Council:

Retention Recruitment Education Fund (RREF):

EMail: May 2020:

CUPE 204 – CCMB Unit

We are officially merged into CUPE 204. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 reasons, our Administrative Assistant who comes from St. Boniface Hospital was pulled back to work on a temporary basis. With Loreto gone the CCMB CUPE member information has not yet been placed into the CUPE 204 email system. As there had been many of you who stated that you do not use Facebook this email is being sent from our current email list.

Contacting CUPE 204
As sent out in the last email, you can contact CUPE 204 through their general email at Debbie Boissonneault, the Local President can be contacted at Robyn Powell remains our National Representative and may be emailed at You can also contact me as your Union Servicing Officer at

When you email anyone please list your workplace as CCMB. With 14,000 members and close to 60 different sites this is important information so that we know who the email should be forwarded to. As CCMB has their own sites in so many different hospitals please always list CCMB. As one employer that is the most important piece of information, not what site you are at. Should you state “Misericordia” or “St. Boniface” only, then your email will be treated as if you are a Misericordia Hospital or St. Boniface Hospital Member, not a CCMB Member.

Pre-Bargaining Survey
Many of you might have received in the mail the pre-bargaining survey. CUPE mailed out a letter with a link to the pre-bargaining survey. For those of you who have been with CancerCare through several collective agreements you will remember previous surveys that we’ve sent out. This survey is the same only now we are doing this online. Please complete this survey as this is the way for YOUR voice to be heard and maybe one of your suggestions will land up in the collective agreement.

Virtual General Meeting
As members of CUPE 204 you are now invited to attend their general membership meetings. Please see the attached notice for the phone in meeting on Wednesday, May 13th at 6:00 pm. This meeting will be dealing with the new Local 204 by-laws and financial policies.

Self-Quarantine/Isolation policy grievance
Have you had to take time off for self-isolation reasons and had to receive pay from your income protection or had to use your banked stats and vacation pay? CUPE has filed a policy grievance for the 14 day isolation paid administrative leave. If you came to work and were sent home and had to self isolate/quarantine due to screening please let CUPE know.

Please answer all six (6) of the following questions and provide your home/personal email. With this information we may be able to file an individual grievance for you.

Please send your answers to

Where do you work? (Please state CCMB)
What’s your EFT?
How many shifts did you miss?
Did you get paid?
If yes, what bank/s did you use? Eg: sick, vacation, OT, STAT.
Cell phone number?

Please pass this information along to any of your co-workers who may not have received this. As we are now CUPE 204 I changed the email addresses on this email to reflect this so there is a slight possibility that some might have this group email go into their spam/junk folder.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call CUPE 204 at 204-775-28733

Hello Everyone

On Monday April 27th our Local 5362 will cease to be as we will officially merge with Local 204.

For most of you there will not be a real difference except that now you will be CUPE 204 not 5362. One thing that you will notice is a drop in union dues. Local 204 has a 1.25% dues structure so you will notice a difference of 0.25% on the pay period of May 14th.

CUPE 204’s President Debbie Boissonneault will be on hand whenever we can arrange for the CCMB unit to have a meeting after the COVID crisis is over. You can keep up to date on Local 204 matters by following Debbie on Facebook at @Debbie204Pres or by following CUPE 204 on Facebook at @CUPE204. You will be receiving emails from the CUPE 5362 email as it may take some time to get all of your email addresses transferred over from this MailChimp account to the Local 204 Nation Builder software.

There are plans for some kind of a CUPE 204 general membership in some way in May (hopefully). At this meeting it is planned that an update to the Local 204 by-laws will be voted on. As you were not party to the last meeting you will have missed that notice of motion to approve the by-laws updates. As CCMB was not part of the original Local 204 by-laws, it is important for CCMB representation to be present as these by-laws will be bringing us into their Local and allocating our voice and representation within the Local.

Our current Executive will remain as Shop Stewards as we all will be out of our 5362 positions. Going forward Collette Lafreniere Thompson will vacate the Vice-President role and will be a Shop Steward at MCC, Ally Pham (Recording-Secretary) will remain a Steward at the St. Boniface Unit and Kristin Laidlaw will continue on as a Steward at St. B and they will continue to do ASAP and disability meetings as well as other meetings as necessary.

I would like to thank Ally and Collette for all that they have done over the past two years, especially during the time after we were pulled into the representation votes. Your help and continued support has been invaluable and thank you so much for continuing on as Shop Stewards.

CUPE 204 currently has three (3) Union Servicing Officers (USO) who work directly with the Local acting as labour relations officers for our CUPE Members. As many of you know, I have been working with Local 204 since January in one of the USO positions with CCMB as part of my assignment. Robyn Powell will also remain our National Representative so we will have continuity with our issues.

Should anyone of our Members wish to have a specific Steward or USO in attendance at their meeting you are free to let us know and we will make those arrangements.

Email: (general email)
Debbie Boissonneault:
Margaret Schroeder:
Phone: 204-775-2873 (There will be prompts to pick a line)
Fax: 204-783-4065
Internal Mail: you may send mail to CUPE 204 through the CCMB mail addressed to CUPE 204 C/O HSC Mailroom. Please make sure that you place 2 XX where the stamp should go.
Physical address:
768 Notre Dame Ave. Winnipeg, MB.   R3E 0L9 (The old Local 1550 office next to MNU and Halong Bay Restaurant.)

Local 5362 Swag: We still have notebooks left and some coffee cups. I had planned to meet with those who had been drawn to win sweaters but the time period that I was going to do that was erased as COVID stopped me from entering the sites except to meet with HR. As soon as the COVID crisis is over and I can enter the building and meet Members on their breaks I will bring the sweaters so that the winners can try them and pick their sizes.


This is always an ever-changing time. Many of our staff are now working from home and some departments are moving into those empty spaces so that physical distancing can be practices. Many staff are doing duties that they don’t normally do such as screening staff and checking identification upon entry to CCMB.

BreastCheck redeployment: I would like to thank the staff from BreastCheck for all that they have done over the past 6 weeks. This has been an extremely stressful time for these Members. They have been uprooted from their department at BreastCheck and have been tossed into multiple areas throughout all of our sites throughout Winnipeg.  Please join me in thanking these CUPE members for all that they are doing to help ease the work burdens of the areas that they have gone into!

There does seem to be some confusion as to what the BreastCheck Clerks can do. They are placed to help the area by performing duties that are not part of a normal day, such as screening visitors and acting as Receptionists (not Unit Clerks sitting at Reception). Here is a quick snapshot:

1 – They are extra workers! The BreastCheck Clerk IIIs do not make up the normal complement of staff in the unit. As such their work times and breaks do not match what is normal for the unit.

  • They work 7.5 hrs/day, not 7.75.
  • They are entitled to take their breaks in three separate time periods. The agreement was that all attempts to keep their schedules as close to normal would be taken. As such they are entitled to take their breaks at around 10:00 am, 12 noon and 2:00 pm (or otherwise specified). Many Unit Clerks/Nursing Assistants prefer to not take a morning break or they take their breaks in the morning prior to their clinic. These break times do not transfer over to the BreastCheck Clerk IIIs.

2 – They are Clerk IIIs which is a lower classification than Unit Clerks or Unit Assistants and should not be doing the core duties of the Unit Clerks and Assistants. They should not be completing and printing requisitions, scheduling patients or doing lifts and transfers. They can do heights and weights on patients who are physically stable and do not require assistance. They should not be assisting with uroflows, tests of any kind or sanitizing equipment such as scopes.

This does not include any Clerk III who has the qualification of a specific job and has been trained to work in that area (such as a HCA in Radiation Therapy) or those helping with cleaning and stocking in the units.

If at anytime there are questions as to the duties that the Clerk III is assigned please let me know so that I can take it to Human Resources to discuss.

Administrative Pay due to possible COVID contact at work: Please see the attached Q & A regarding the Admin Pay that the government will be paying for should anybody be sent home due to possible contact with COVID-19. If anyone had been told not to report to work because there was possible COVID contact at work then this time will be paid by the government (through CCMB payroll). This does not include not being able to come into work because you had the sniffles or had just arrived from a trip.

Working in multiple facilities: Many of you have heard of the government planning on forcing employees who work at multiple long term care facilities to pick on or the other. The official announcement has not yet happened so we don’t know exactly what it will sound like. This will affect any of our CUPE members at CCMB who do have second jobs in long term care and possibly with Home Care. We’ve not heard of this affecting facilities outside of long term care. There is information in the Q & A attached.

If you have any questions please do feel free to contact Local 204!

On behalf of the former Executive of CUPE 5362 we wish you all to stay safe and stay healthy.

In Solidarity,

Margaret Schroeder

Download (PDF, 122KB)

COVID-19 Update #6 

Hello everyone,

It does not look like the COVID-19 crisis will be over in the near future. I have been receiving a number of questions regarding help so I am hoping to go through some of them here.

Please share this with co-workers who are not receiving these emails or tell your co-workers to view this on our website,

Please NOTE: This is general information that is outside of our Collective Agreement and when dealing with Service Canada CUPE cannot argue on your behalf. All leaves of absence and/or benefits from the Government of Canada are “may be entitled”. This is all for information purposes for you to know that you can look into this.
For up to date information for various protocols please watch for Dr. Navaratnam’s daily updates sent to your work email and for any provincial/Shared Health updates please go here:

Unfortunately, there are still a few people who do not know about the programs regarding childcare. Please follow the information below. Should you have problems with the Employer approving your leave please contact CUPE.

Are you a parent or guardian of a child who needs care due to the closures of daycares and school? If the answer is YES you may be entitled to help.

1 – Manitoba has put together an Essential Services Worker Child Care Request form. Please follow this link to find and fill out the online form:

2 – There is a Family Status Accommodation request form that you need to fill out. Please click here to get to that form.

3 – You will then need to contact Service Canada to fill in the application for EI benefits for childcare. In April there will be a new benefit called the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). If you apply for EI benefits prior to the full implementation of the CERB they will roll your application over to CERB automatically. To fill out the Family Status application please click here:

PRE-PAY Benefits: If you go off on this leave you will be required to pre-pay your share as well as the employer’s share of benefits, particularly the long-term disability. This is classified as an unpaid LOA, which then required this pre-payment. We cannot stress the importance of pre-paying the LTD benefits as you can never know if you might need those benefits. You may become ill or trip and fall and need the LTD benefit during your leave or still be ill/injured when the leave is over.

PRE-Existing Health Conditions
Public Health both Federal and Provincial had stated that employees with certain health conditions should stay away from work as their health could be severely compromised should they contract COVID-19 due to their underlying health. Some of these illnesses listed (but not limited to) include respiratory illnesses such as asthma and COPD, heart disease, diabetes, diseases that compromise or affect immunology etc.

If you require the time off work you may use your banked income protection. If you do not have enough then you can apply for the government CERB fund. If you go onto CERB You will be required to pre-pay your share and the employer’s share of benefits as you will be on an unpaid LOA.

Should you have concerns that you may have one of these illnesses please do the following:

1 – Please contact OESH:

MCC please contact OESH based at HSC at:
Appointment Bookings: (204) 787-3312
Disability Case Management: (204) 787-1294
Occupational Health Nurse: (204) 787-4589 / 787-1168
Confidential Fax: (204) 787-4216

All Sites except MCC:
Occupational and Environmental Safety & Health
General Enquiries: (204) 926-1018
Fax: (204) 944-9970

OESH will tell you what your next steps are to be. They may request a note, however they know that many physicians are currently not seeing patients. Many of the staff who do have underlying illnesses have sent medical to OESH in the past so that may be used. OESH also has the training and instructions as to how to guide you through this process.

2 – Once you have contact OESH and go onto the medical leave of absence, you may apply for EI benefits. Again, this would be under the COVID-19 programs and in early April with CERB starts up you would use that benefit. Use the same link listed above with Childcare.

3 – Inform your manager that you will be off and that you have contact OESH.
You do NOT have to give any medical notes to your manager – EVER! These notes can either go to HR to be sent to OESH (not the original – you keep that and give a photocopy.) or you can send them directly to OESH. If you are going to be off work for an estimated time that is longer than 2 weeks by-pass HR and send the note to OESH.

Please tell OESH that you are a CancerCare Manitoba Employee and what site you work at so that they can process the information correctly, with the correct employer and assign it to the OESH Community worker assigned to your site.

If your Manager gives you a hard time regarding this time off please let CUPE know.


Should you have returned from a trip from outside of the province and country you will have to self-quarantine. Please contact your manager. They should be telling you whom you need to contact.

Currently the plan is to keep all employees working. Due to self-isolation from travelling (and staff stranded out of Canada) and underlying health issues and lack of childcare, there are a number of areas that need help. As one area has workload that decreases for various reasons those employees may be deployed elsewhere in CCMB. Should the whole department be closed down (such as BreastCheck) those staff may be deployed elsewhere at CCMB. The procedure would normally be:

An email will go out to the staff who are affected by the work slow down or temporary suspension that will/should list what sites have what work available. If there are choices available please list your preferred areas (list more than one, in the order of preference). These choices will be awarded first based on qualifications and then on seniority.

Should the whole department have to move you do not have the ability to refuse being moved to a different location.

CUPE and the Employer is still working on the details regarding deployment.

Should you be deployed to a different department or locations please do let the union know. We are keeping a list so that if anything should come up we know where our Members are.

People outside of our Bargaining Unit doing our work

This is absolutely not allowed and is a major breach of our collective agreement. If you find that there are MNU, MAHCP or out of scope people doing the work of jobs that are within our CUPE scope please report it. If you don’t know if it one of our positions please report it as we have the ability to check it out. Some may feel that this is not important however, if clerical work is done by a manager, should there be further closures or slow downs we don’t want our Members to not have their work to do because a Manager or others having done it.

I’m hoping that I have been able to capture the most common questions.
If you have any further questions please do let me know.

Later this week another email will be sent out to Local 5362 regarding the status of our Local as CUPE National has approved our merge into Local 204. More info to follow.

These are trying times and your committement to our patients while working under this pressure and worry about your own health is to be commended. Thank you! Please stay Safe and remember physical distancing to flatten that curve.

In Solidarity,
Margaret Schroeder
CUPE 5362 President

COVID-19 Update #5:

Transfers within CCMB:
It seems that some of our CUPE Members have or will be transferred to areas that are not their normal area of work. This includes moving from site to site as well as department to department. The Union has not been informed of some of these moves prior to them happening and the determinations as to whom is being transferred has not been done according to Memorandums of Agreements (MOAs) and established practice, such as qualifications as first determination and then seniority. It seems that individuals have been singled out without others having the opportunity to experience the move even though they might be qualified and senior.

Please contact the Union should you be required to move or if you know of someone who is being moved. Right now due to the fast pace of COVID-19 you, our Members are our main source of information. Due to self-isolation and the lock-down of facilities to people who do not need to be there, we cannot just go walking through to check up on things so your information is more valuable than ever.


Subject: FW: New E-Form for Child Care Applications
Good afternoon, everyone. Further to our discussions regarding child care for health care providers, below please find an update received today from the Department of Families for your reference:
We now have a new and more functional e-Form up on the web for parents who are critical services workers and cannot make alternative childcare arrangements.

This form is the preferred method of application.  ELCC or a child care centre will contact them directly when a space is matched to their needs.
Please note that all phone messages, emails and pdf forms received over the past few days are being reviewed, validated and matched for care.  Workers who have submitted their request through these means can be assured that their request is in the queue.  We are asking that workers do not continue to phone and email us – they need to complete and submit the form if they haven’t already contacted us through other means.

This information will be on our website and the COVID-19 Information for Manitobans page soon but feel free to distribute as needed to your workforce.

Pay out of OT and Stat Banks:
This is planned to happen as per our Collective Agreement. At this time the Employers will not roll over our banks in case they are needed later in the spring due to COVID-19. If you have conerns that you may need this pay please put it in a savings account in case you need it.

Union Representation during COVID-19: 
At CUPE 5362 and CUPE 204 we believe that where our members are so is CUPE. We continue to attend meetings in person so that we are sitting side by side our Members (with 2 metres distance between us). The only meetings that we are not attending are disability management with OESH. By OESH’s request these meetings are being done by telephone.

Please see the links below that may be of interest. CUPE is calling on the government to offer hazard pay to healthcare workers during this unprecedented crisis as well as to top up EI benefits.

Please stay safe, practice physical distancing!

Video of National President Mark Hancock’s address to all CUPE Members during this crisis:

Press Release CUPE: Hazard Pay:

Download (PDF, 95KB)

Press Release CUPE: EI Top Up:

Download (PDF, 123KB)

Income Supports for workers:

Download (PDF, 248KB)

COVID-19 Update # 4

Seven Oaks Cancer Unit closure:

Today it was announced that the Community Oncology Program (COP) site at Seven Oaks General Hospital (SOGH) will be merging with the COP at Victoria General Hospital (VGH). Our two (2) CUPE Unit Clerks will be transferring over to SOGH as of Monday, March 23rd. This is a temporary move in order to help mitigate shortages as staff go on quarantine and require time off for childcare.


We have been finding that we have not always been receiving information in a timely manner from the employers. We were informed about BreastCheck after the staff had been told and with moves like this we normally would have been in the room with the staff when they were told of the move. In other facilities we’ve been informed of changes from our Members there and then have had to go to the employer.

This isn’t always a deliberate oversight of the employer as things are moving so quickly that those who would inform the Union might not have been given timely heads up. This is also not a CCMB specific problem. We know that many of you work in other facilities that CUPE represents. Regardless of the reasons why CUPE is not receiving the information in a timely manner or even at all, we still need that information.

If you find that your unit is being changed in any way please contact us! If new people are showing up to work in your department, let us know. If your manager comes to you to tell you that your jobs are being altered in any manner, please let us know. This is the only way to ensure that you are being treated correctly. We would hate to have someone loose out on a benefit because they didn’t know that they were entitled to one.
Should you be told that you will be deployed elsewhere, regardless of it being at CCMB or any other facility please let us know. We have MOAs signed for both scenarios and we need to make sure that they are being followed.

CUPE Questions and Answers specific to Health Care: Please see the attached Q/A.

Download (PDF, 159KB)



BreastCheck Suspended Services

Today CancerCare Manitoba placed an announcement on the website that BreastCheck was going to be suspending services as of tomorrow, March 19th. I have been told that this is happening nationally with all breast screening organizations.

NOTE: This is only happening at BreastCheck at this time and does not include ColonCheck or CervixCheck. The reason for that is because the actual testing for these two programs occurs outside of CCMB and those facilities will decide what testing will be done. I am asking about the Nurse Practitioner pre-colonoscopy assessments at ColonCheck.

All BreastCheck staff with EFTs will be redeployed in some way and you will continue to be provided with hours that equal your EFT. Should you be placed into positions that earn less than your rate of pay you will continue to earn your rate of pay. Casuals are not guaranteed any hours. Should they accept any hours in positions which earn a lower rate of pay, they will be paid at that lower rate as per the terms of our Collective Agreement. If you have any questions please do email me at .

Department of Nursing Redeployment

The Department of Nursing is facing some issues with staffing in all locations and this is likely going to get worse as more people go into self-isolation after coming home from their vacation and as the schools and daycare centres close down and parents scramble for childcare. CUPE and CCMB has an MOA that outlines how these transfers between sites is supposed to occur. On Wednesday, March 18th there should have been an email that went out to all Unit Clerks within the Dept. of Nursing under all four (4) Unit Managers asking for volunteers to transfer between the sites.

Please see attached a letter from Lee McLeod the CUPE Regional Director for Manitoba as well as a Question/Answer fac sheet. There are some important phone numbers and websites listed on these letters.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do let me know. You can email me at

Please share these emails with co-workers who are not receiving them. All of these updates are posted on the website.

In Solidarity,
Margaret Schroeder
President, CUPE 5362

Download (PDF, 203KB)

Download (PDF, 229KB)

COVID-19 Update #2

Please see below an update from Shannon McAteer, our CUPE National Health Care Coordinator for Manitoba regarding COVID-19. In this update there is talk of being transfered from employer to employer on a temporary basis during the unprecedented challenges facing our provincial healthcare system. Attached is a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) regarding the transferring of staff between the facilities. There may a time when CCMB employees will be required to deploy outside of CCMB as well as having to bring in staff from other facilities. We are facing people coming back from vacation after having left the country and being required to be self quarantined for 14 days. There are also those whose children need care as schools and day cares close at the end of this week.

Seniority 1st – If it becomes necessary for CCMB CUPE members to have to transfer between CCMB sites or even into other facilities after qualifications and ability, seniority is the determining factor of who goes. Example: Any Unit Clerk is qualified to do the work of another Unit Clerk. Casuals should be the first employees deployed elsewhere. After that a call out should be made throughout the department and the most senior volunteer should go and should there be no senior volunteers then the most junior Clerk would be the one who is transferred. If you are a part-time employee any shifts that you pick up outside of your EFT may have you going to other sites as those are “casual” shifts.

PLEASE NOTE: This MOA is only when transferring between CCMB and any other employer. I have attached the MOA that we had drawn up when the Community Oncology Programs transfered to CCMB from the WRHA in October 2017. Should any of our staff have to transfer from their CCMB site to one of the COP sites then our MOA will be used.

CHILDCARE: There have been a lot of calls regarding child care. Should you require to be off work for childcare reasons please talk to your Manager. Should you be denied leave please let CUPE know. We’ve had some employees go to someone else and not come forward with their information. Without knowing who you are and your particulars we cannot help as Human Resources and CUPE cannot look at each department to work on determining if the denial was fair or unjust.
Update # 18 has some information in it for essential service workers such as our CCMB CUPE members. This provincial update may be viewed here: is underway to ensure parents who provide essential services, such as front-line health-care providers, will have a way to continue to access child-care options.  Families who meet this criteria and cannot make other arrangements should contact 204-945-0776, 1-888-213-4754 (toll-free) or as soon as possible to help support the development of this service.” 

Download (PDF, 1.21MB)

Download (PDF, 82KB)

March 17, 2020

Dear CUPE Members,

CUPE is working to ensure the rights and the health & safety of all members are being protected.  As the pandemic continues, health authorities may require staff mobility and redeployment.  As health care workers, and as a union, our goal is to ensure the community’s safety in difficult times.  To that end, CUPE has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) regarding redeployment of staff within or between Employers should it become necessary during this crisis.

This MOA was negotiated with all the health care unions.  The MOA ensures members’ rights are protected under each collective agreement and provides for financial compensation in the event of a temporary transfer.  Attached is a copy of the draft MOA (in the process of being signed off).

The MOA allows for mileage, meals and accommodation to be covered if required.  The Employers will be seeking volunteers first to temporarily transfer to another site.  This MOA is in effect and will continue if a state of emergency is declared.

The risk of COVID-19 remains low.  Members are encouraged to follow the directives provided by their Employers.  Most importantly continue to follow universal precautions and take extra care in washing your hands.

CUPE staff representatives are working throughout this crisis to ensure members’ rights are protected.  It is our job to fight for you while you fight for Manitoba patients.

If you feel that your health is put at risk, or if you feel you are being treated unfairly at work, contact CUPE right away.  As always, CUPE Is here with you, and for you.

Thank you to all the frontline health care workers who continue to provide care to Manitoba’s most vulnerable citizens.  CUPE is available to assist members during this stressful time.

SMc:cbc/cope 491

15 March 2020

COVID-19, Update #1

There have been a number of questions about what is going to happen with the COVID-19 pandemic practices. The CCMB Executive Offices have been sending out a number of emails but they have not yet informed many of the staff how some of these procedures are to happen.

CUPE is asking that you, our Members help us keep on top of all of this by sending us information. With things changing so quickly and everyone from the Government, Provincial Health , Shared Health, WRHA and then CCMB  sending out information somethings are being missed. We think that we have something to look into and then something else is raised. Your help by providing this information is invaluable to ensure that CUPE can keep abreast to changes as they happen.

We have questions into Human Resources but with your help we will have a greater understanding of what we are dealing with.

Examples – but there are many other questions:
1 – Patients are limited to one guest. QUESTION – who is monitoring that?
2 – Patients are being screened before entry into CCMB (I’m assuming the McDermot doors, not the doors from the HSC MS Mall) – who is doing the screening?
3 – Patients will be phoned for their visits unless clinically they must attend in person. How is this going to impact our CUPE members (Clerks, Records etc).

Self or imposed quarantine: Should you be required to go home for quarantine please do let me know in case CUPE needs to inform our Members of changes and updates. As CUPE participated in talks with the Employer knowing the numbers of employees affected by quarantine will be beneficial when it come to discussing ASAP.

Should you have to implement self-quarantine due to provincial set guidelines you are entitled to your income protection. If you do not have enough income protection then you will be entitled to EI Sick Benefits.

EI Sick Benefits: The Federal Government has allowed quarantine for COVID-19 to be covered by the EI Sick Benefit. They have also waived the one (1) week waiting period normally required. Please visit for more information.

Please know, that if you do not have banked income protection and need to go onto the EI Benefit, then you are classified to be on an unpaid LOA and you might be required to pre-pay benefits especially if you end up being off work for more than the standard 14 day quarantine period.

Child Care: We know that the Provincial Government will be closing schools one (1) week prior to Spring Break and for the week following, so many of our Members will be scrambling looking for childcare for these unexpected/unplanned time periods. There are also some day cares that have or may be closing without the Government mandating it.

Should you require time away from work for childcare and are having difficulties please let the Union know.

Vacation: There are some staff who have not yet used up all of their 2019/20 vacation. At this time please take your vacation as normal. The Employer cannot cancel your vacation at this time. There may be a time when they might want to try but before that happens the Union must be involved. If your Manager requests that you give up your vacation please let the Union know so that you can be paid at the overtime rates required or other time off is allowed.

Please watch for further updates and do pass these to others who may not be receiving these emails. We will not be posting these on the bulletin boards but will be uploading them to the website.

Again, any information that you as our CUPE Members can provide to us to working conditions, changes in work procedures etc. will be most valuable.

Thank you,
Margaret Schroeder
CUPE 5362 President

Dental Premiums are Increasing!

CUPE has already submitted the grievance

Some you you who work past 4:00 or maybe even 4:15 pm will have seen a notice land in your work email box announcing that the dental plan premium is increasing.
Some of you know that on December 13, 2019 HSC had also given notice that their premiums would also be rising effective January 30,2020. CCMB and HSC are the only facilities within the PHCC collective agreements that are under our dental plan. All of the other facilities are using the HEBP dental.
CUPE 5362 had only received notice of this increase in January after we had asked several times knowing that the HSC premiums were increasing. Once receiving this notice we did submit a grievance to argue this increase.
FYI – CUPE 204 has also submitted a grievance to HSC regarding their increase, so we will likely be arguing them together as we work towards merging with Local 204. Until the grievances are settled we will have to pay the increase in premiums.

Merge with LOCAL 204: At this time there is no indication when that will happen. The CUPE National Executive Board meets again in April, so National’s stamp of approval might not happen until then.

General Membership Meeting: Please see the attached notice for the GMM on:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 4:30 in the Manitoba Room at the HSC Cafeteria.

HSC Information Tables: If you are walking through the HSC MS Mall or William Ave. Mall you may see CUPE info tables setting up. Those will not be our tables, those are set up by the HSC unit to get out information to their 2900 members.

If you have any questions please do let us know.

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January 2020 President’s Report:

Download (PDF, 152KB)

CUPE Manitoba Discounts:

Baby Shark:

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Monster Jam:

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CUPE 5362 welcomes the Medical Devices and Nuclear Electronics Members!

Today (13 December 2019) the transfer of the former MAHCP members in the CCMB Medical Devices and Nuclear Electronics happens. From today forward CUPE will be with you at any meetings that occur with HR, including investigatory/discipline, ASAP and disability. We will be working for you to deal with the outcomes of these meetings and to improve working conditions.

We’ve had the opportunity to meet with you already. Today CUPE will be receiving your information from MAHCP. You are all now invited to attend any of our events and general membership meetings and to vote on all things in the local. Those notices will be placed on the email system and this website as well as posted on the union boards. If you are at anyone of our sites (MCC, St. Boniface, Screening Programs and the Community Oncology Programs at Seven Oaks, Victoria, Concordia and Grace) when we are holding any meet/greet you are invited to attend.

If you have any questions or require any help please do contact Margaret at

Welcome to CUPE!

November Updates

Court Challenge of Bill 29 – Public Services Sustainability Act: Today the Unions and the Government met in court for this challenge. This court challenge does not ask for any pay increases or improvements to our collective agreement. What we are asking for is to be able to bargain these improvements through as is our right. This bill has taken away that right and that goes against the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Transition of union members after the votes: The Bill 29, HSBURA Commissioner has now informed us that there will be temporary MB. Labour Board (MLB) Certifications made so that the union transitions can take place. Shared Health and the WRHA will see this transition take place on December 13th. We are hoping to be able to start the beginnings of the bargaining process early in the new year. When the bargaining surveys come out, please take a moment to answer it and send it to the union. This is YOUR wish list as to what you would like to see bargained.

Healthcare Support Workers (HCSW) week was proclaimed during the week of October 25th. Many healthcare facilities decided to hold off on celebrating this year as it came so close on the heals of the healthcare vote. We will be holding a HCSW event in December. Please see the attached poster.

December GMM – Please see the attached General Membership Meeting notice. We cannot be firm as to the agenda because we do not know how Local 204 will vote on December 28th, when they have their merge vote. Either way we will be providing notice that at the first GMM in 2020 we will be taking nominations for Executive positions.

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Download (PDF, 142KB)

Download (PDF, 214KB)

The results of the motion that CUPE Local 5362 transfer jurisdiction to CUPE Local 204 (merge with Local 204) are in. There were 49 people who voted: 44 voted to merge with Local 204 and 5 people voted against.

Local 204 gave their notice of motion to their membership to allow CUPE Local 5362 to transfer jurisdiction to Local 204 tonight at their general membership meeting. They will be voting at their November 28th Special Meeting. Until that happens, we will continue to operate as we have been

Download (PDF, 519KB)

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Collective Agreement Comparison’s are ready for viewing. Please click here
Collective Agreement Comparisons

Union Representation Vote Results
CUPE won in 4 out of 6 regions.

CUPE remains as the Union for CancerCare Manitoba workers in the Facility and Community bargaining units as CUPE won these votes in the Shared Health Employer Group. CUPE also won the Facility and Support votes in the WRHA, Southern Health and Northern Health Authorities. MGEU remained successful for these two units in the Interlake – Eastern and Prairie Mountain Regions.

We welcome the CCMB employees from Medical Devices and Nuclear Electronics as they will be transitioning into our Local from MAHCP. We will be planning on meeting with your group in the near future.

Congratulations to MAHCP and MNU as they also won their ballots in Shared Health and will continue to represent their bargaining units at CCMB.

Thank you to all who took the time to vote. As always, your votes mattered and made a difference in the outcome of these races.

Over the past months, many have asked what will happen after the votes now that we are being brought into Shared Health for the purposes of bargaining and labour relations. There will be some changes but at this time nothing has been finalized. We will let our Members know what the plans are once they are finalized.

For more information on the Representation votes, please visit the Bill 20 Commisioner’s website at: .

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming changes or what to expect, please do feel free to contact me at any time.

In solidarity,
Margaret Schroeder
CUPE 5362 President
phone: 204-801-4131


To all health care workers participating in the health care representation votes. If you have not received your PIN (Personal Identification Number), please contact the Commissioner’s Help Desk ASAP: 1-888-281-8683
You will need your PIN to exercise your right to vote!
Share with your co-workers 👍

Info on Help Desk hours can be found here:


STATEMENT: CUPE’s dues rise and fall – they just lowered them due to these votes

FALSE – All established health care locals kept their dues the same, such as Southern Health (Local 4270), DSM (4214). Northern Health (8600) and CancerCare (5362). In the case of 5362 we kept the dues structure that was Local 1550 as we are what is left of 1550, just with a new Local number.

Local 204 is an amalgamation of 21 different locals (including the HSC portion of 1550). They all came together with different dues amounts, some fairly low and some higher. That local did their bylaws and felt that with volume they could set their dues at the same level as those locals that were at the lower end of the fees so that they didn’t have to face higher dues.

They made their bylaws, included their dues fees and kept them there. They didn’t waver, nor did the individual dues change, this was done as part of their initial dues setting for their first by-laws. Reasonable!

CUPE has the strongest collective agreements for Facility and Community Support Workers. Bill 29, Article 10:  clearly states that the winning union’s collective agreement that covers the largest number of workers would be the agreement that bargaining would be based on.

STATEMENT: CUPE is broke; CUPE will have to pay back loans….

FALSE: It is assumed that these people stating this are talking of Local 204 or other individual locals. CUPE National is far from broke. The strike fund is growing, the operational budget is on track.

As for individual locals going broke – NO! Do we have loans to pay back? No we do not! We have “cost-share” programs with National. Many locals apply for cost-share campaigns with CUPE National. If approved, National may pay up to 50% of the costs involved with the campaign and the Local union will pay the other 50%. The local union does not have to pay this back. It is not a loan, it is the National body helping out a local union.

STATMENT: Another Union will tell you that the winning collective agreement doesn’t matter as we will be starting from zero because the government really wants us to be under a single agreement.

FALSE – that is incorrect. There is not a single union that would allow the government to simply do away with what has been bargained for in the past. This would be like starting to bargain a first contract. That will not happen. This is the third time that the rural health authorities will have done representation votes (2000 and then again in 2012) and each time there was a collective agreement that was used for bargaining.

STATEMENT: “We’ll just bargain in articles from the other agreements”.

FALSE – During the last round of bargaining the employer wanted CUPE to concede a number of items, such as putting a cap on how many family sick days that we can use in a calendar year (MGEU allowed this concession to place a cap of 7 days of family sick a year) or to give up automatic pay increases and allow increases to be based on performance (again,CUPE refused this concession but a different union allowed it).

As bargaining is consensus based nothing can be added to an agreement or deleted from the agreement without the agreement of both parties (note – CUPE did not agree to the concessions listed above so the employer withdrew them. The employer could not just add them to the agreement without CUPE’s permission.) So if any union believes that they can just simply bargain something into an agreement they are fooling themselves. There are some things that the employer do not want to have added back to the agreement, so the will not agree.

No photo description available.

Bill 29 Union Access Opportunities within the health care facilities.

On Thursday, July 25th CUPE was at the St. Boniface Hospital. We had a surprise visit as by our National President Mark Hancock as he came out to tour Manitoba and to show CUPE National’s support as we go through these unnecessary union representation votes.

This shows the solidarity of a large national union.

Did you know?

CUPE National has over 680,000 members, from all areas of public services including every type of healthcare workers, education, municipal, crown utilities, airlines and more.

Should 30,000 healthcare workers across Manitoba go out on strike, there will be 650,000 CUPE members across the country paying into the strike fund which currently sits over one hundred million dollars. This strike fund is accessable to all striking CUPE members who do their share of picketing during the strike. It is not limited to your job, sector or province. A striking CUPE member is a striking CUPE member, it’s that simple

Katherine F (Medical Transcriptionist) from CCMB chatting with Mark Hancock, CUPE National President.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing

Margaret (President CUPE 5362), Mark Hancock, Shannon McAteer (National Servicing Rep and Manitoba Health Care Coordinator), Mau and Michael (CUPE 204) representing CUPE at St. Boniface Hospital, talking with CCMB CUPE members and St. B union members.

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Please see the notices below. As more information becomes available we will be posting it here on our website or through email and through the Facebook page.

For full details of dates for voting and campaigning, please click here for the CUPE Manitoba notice.

Download (PDF, 97KB)