November Updates

Court Challenge of Bill 29 – Public Services Sustainability Act: Today the Unions and the Government met in court for this challenge. This court challenge does not ask for any pay increases or improvements to our collective agreement. What we are asking for is to be able to bargain these improvements through as is our right. This bill has taken away that right and that goes against the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Transition of union members after the votes: The Bill 29, HSBURA Commissioner has now informed us that there will be temporary MB. Labour Board (MLB) Certifications made so that the union transitions can take place. Shared Health and the WRHA will see this transition take place on December 13th. We are hoping to be able to start the beginnings of the bargaining process early in the new year. When the bargaining surveys come out, please take a moment to answer it and send it to the union. This is YOUR wish list as to what you would like to see bargained.

Healthcare Support Workers (HCSW) week was proclaimed during the week of October 25th. Many healthcare facilities decided to hold off on celebrating this year as it came so close on the heals of the healthcare vote. We will be holding a HCSW event in December. Please see the attached poster.

December GMM – Please see the attached General Membership Meeting notice. We cannot be firm as to the agenda because we do not know how Local 204 will vote on December 28th, when they have their merge vote. Either way we will be providing notice that at the first GMM in 2020 we will be taking nominations for Executive positions.

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The results of the motion that CUPE Local 5362 transfer jurisdiction to CUPE Local 204 (merge with Local 204) are in. There were 49 people who voted: 44 voted to merge with Local 204 and 5 people voted against.

Local 204 gave their notice of motion to their membership to allow CUPE Local 5362 to transfer jurisdiction to Local 204 tonight at their general membership meeting. They will be voting at their November 28th Special Meeting. Until that happens, we will continue to operate as we have been

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Collective Agreement Comparison’s are ready for viewing. Please click here
Collective Agreement Comparisons

Union Representation Vote Results
CUPE won in 4 out of 6 regions.

CUPE remains as the Union for CancerCare Manitoba workers in the Facility and Community bargaining units as CUPE won these votes in the Shared Health Employer Group. CUPE also won the Facility and Support votes in the WRHA, Southern Health and Northern Health Authorities. MGEU remained successful for these two units in the Interlake – Eastern and Prairie Mountain Regions.

We welcome the CCMB employees from Medical Devices and Nuclear Electronics as they will be transitioning into our Local from MAHCP. We will be planning on meeting with your group in the near future.

Congratulations to MAHCP and MNU as they also won their ballots in Shared Health and will continue to represent their bargaining units at CCMB.

Thank you to all who took the time to vote. As always, your votes mattered and made a difference in the outcome of these races.

Over the past months, many have asked what will happen after the votes now that we are being brought into Shared Health for the purposes of bargaining and labour relations. There will be some changes but at this time nothing has been finalized. We will let our Members know what the plans are once they are finalized.

For more information on the Representation votes, please visit the Bill 20 Commisioner’s website at: .

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming changes or what to expect, please do feel free to contact me at any time.

In solidarity,
Margaret Schroeder
CUPE 5362 President
phone: 204-801-4131


To all health care workers participating in the health care representation votes. If you have not received your PIN (Personal Identification Number), please contact the Commissioner’s Help Desk ASAP: 1-888-281-8683
You will need your PIN to exercise your right to vote!
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Info on Help Desk hours can be found here:


STATEMENT: CUPE’s dues rise and fall – they just lowered them due to these votes

FALSE – All established health care locals kept their dues the same, such as Southern Health (Local 4270), DSM (4214). Northern Health (8600) and CancerCare (5362). In the case of 5362 we kept the dues structure that was Local 1550 as we are what is left of 1550, just with a new Local number.

Local 204 is an amalgamation of 21 different locals (including the HSC portion of 1550). They all came together with different dues amounts, some fairly low and some higher. That local did their bylaws and felt that with volume they could set their dues at the same level as those locals that were at the lower end of the fees so that they didn’t have to face higher dues.

They made their bylaws, included their dues fees and kept them there. They didn’t waver, nor did the individual dues change, this was done as part of their initial dues setting for their first by-laws. Reasonable!

CUPE has the strongest collective agreements for Facility and Community Support Workers. Bill 29, Article 10:  clearly states that the winning union’s collective agreement that covers the largest number of workers would be the agreement that bargaining would be based on.

STATEMENT: CUPE is broke; CUPE will have to pay back loans….

FALSE: It is assumed that these people stating this are talking of Local 204 or other individual locals. CUPE National is far from broke. The strike fund is growing, the operational budget is on track.

As for individual locals going broke – NO! Do we have loans to pay back? No we do not! We have “cost-share” programs with National. Many locals apply for cost-share campaigns with CUPE National. If approved, National may pay up to 50% of the costs involved with the campaign and the Local union will pay the other 50%. The local union does not have to pay this back. It is not a loan, it is the National body helping out a local union.

STATMENT: Another Union will tell you that the winning collective agreement doesn’t matter as we will be starting from zero because the government really wants us to be under a single agreement.

FALSE – that is incorrect. There is not a single union that would allow the government to simply do away with what has been bargained for in the past. This would be like starting to bargain a first contract. That will not happen. This is the third time that the rural health authorities will have done representation votes (2000 and then again in 2012) and each time there was a collective agreement that was used for bargaining.

STATEMENT: “We’ll just bargain in articles from the other agreements”.

FALSE – During the last round of bargaining the employer wanted CUPE to concede a number of items, such as putting a cap on how many family sick days that we can use in a calendar year (MGEU allowed this concession to place a cap of 7 days of family sick a year) or to give up automatic pay increases and allow increases to be based on performance (again,CUPE refused this concession but a different union allowed it).

As bargaining is consensus based nothing can be added to an agreement or deleted from the agreement without the agreement of both parties (note – CUPE did not agree to the concessions listed above so the employer withdrew them. The employer could not just add them to the agreement without CUPE’s permission.) So if any union believes that they can just simply bargain something into an agreement they are fooling themselves. There are some things that the employer do not want to have added back to the agreement, so the will not agree.

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Bill 29 Union Access Opportunities within the health care facilities.

On Thursday, July 25th CUPE was at the St. Boniface Hospital. We had a surprise visit as by our National President Mark Hancock as he came out to tour Manitoba and to show CUPE National’s support as we go through these unnecessary union representation votes.

This shows the solidarity of a large national union.

Did you know?

CUPE National has over 680,000 members, from all areas of public services including every type of healthcare workers, education, municipal, crown utilities, airlines and more.

Should 30,000 healthcare workers across Manitoba go out on strike, there will be 650,000 CUPE members across the country paying into the strike fund which currently sits over one hundred million dollars. This strike fund is accessable to all striking CUPE members who do their share of picketing during the strike. It is not limited to your job, sector or province. A striking CUPE member is a striking CUPE member, it’s that simple

Katherine F (Medical Transcriptionist) from CCMB chatting with Mark Hancock, CUPE National President.

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Margaret (President CUPE 5362), Mark Hancock, Shannon McAteer (National Servicing Rep and Manitoba Health Care Coordinator), Mau and Michael (CUPE 204) representing CUPE at St. Boniface Hospital, talking with CCMB CUPE members and St. B union members.

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Please see the notices below. As more information becomes available we will be posting it here on our website or through email and through the Facebook page.

For full details of dates for voting and campaigning, please click here for the CUPE Manitoba notice.

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