About us

CUPE 5362~ Caring for our members, caring for our patients ~

CUPE Local 5362 represents the Support staff at CancerCare Manitoba.
Our members are work in almost every department at CCMB and are at all of our sites except for the Westman Cancer Centre (WMCC) in Brandon. We are usually the first person you see what you walk into one of our sites and often the last person you see. We also perform so many functions in the background that are not only important to the care of our patients but also support cancer research and information gathering throughout the national and international cancer agencies.

CUPE Local 5362, we are the first faces of CancerCare

Our Facilities:

  • MacCharles Centre
  • St. Boniface Hospital Unit
  • Community Oncology Programs:
      Victoria General Hospital
      Seven Oaks General Hospital
      Concordia General Hospital
      Grace General hospital
  • Screening Programs (located on Sherbrook in the Misericordia Health Centre area)
      Breast Check
      Colon Check
      Cervical Check
  • Breast and Gyne Centre of Hope

Who are our members?

When you walk into our clinical and treatment facilities you will be greeted by our Receptionists, Communication Clerks, Unit and Nursing Assistants. You may receive a helping had by our Senior Volunteer Coordinator by being shown the direction you need to go or by having a volunteer assigned to guide you. If your child is ill and attends the pediatric clinics at the MacCharles Centre you may meet our Child Life Assistant as she helps the kids with their toys and keeps the area clean and the toys sanitized. We are the CCMB Screening Programs, sending you letters to remind you that it’s time for testing and we welcome when you arrive for your mammogram. If you are attending to visit with one of our supportive professionals you will often be greeted by the departmental Clerk or Admin support, who are CUPE Members. For many of our patients, before they’ve entered the doors to one of our facilities they will have received a call from one of our Referral or Patient Registration Clerks to help make that first visit a little bit easier.

Those are our “front line” members but they are only a fraction of who we are. In the background there is a lot of work that is done to ensure that our patients are taken care of efficiently and safety. This includes the safety and privacy controls of the patient chart by our Members in Health Information Services (Health Records) and Transcription Services. Our Medicolegal Correspondent ensures that those outside of CCMB receive only the information necessary as approved by the patient or legislation from the patient chart and that it is sent in a timely manner. Our members also work with the finance department to bill outside organizations for services rendered.

CancerCare Manitoba has joint partnerships within the national and international cancer organizations. Our CUPE Members working in in the Manitoba Cancer Registry and Clinical Trials Units (including the BMT trials) are critical in maintaining the efficiency and integrity of data collected and dispersed within these departments.

Local 5362 was formed as the CUPE plans ahead to the implementing of the Pallister government’s bill 29, “The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act”. This act clearly defines that there will be seven (7) employer groups as listed below.

  1. Northern RHA
  2. Southern RHA
  3. Prairie Mountain RHA (Western)
  4. Interlake-Eastern RHA
  5. Winnipeg RHA
  6. **Diagnostic Services of Manitoba (DSM)
  7. **CancerCare Manitoba

NOTE: ** denotes the 2 province wide employer groups** We now know since the winter of 2017 when this act was first announced, the government now plans to integrate or merge DSM and Health Sciences Centre to make a new organization called Manitoba Shared Health.

Currently, the WRHA is not acting as a single employer. Each of their facilities continue to operate as single organizations, with their own bargaining units and unions. This will be changing as the WRHA is now mandated to pull it all together into one governing body. The Rural health authorities had done this already back in 2000 and then again during that restructuring in 2012.

As well as mandating that there are to be 7 employer groups, it has been mandated that there are to be only 7 bargaining units at each employer – meaning only 7 collective agreements.

As this act clearly mandates that the WRHA will unite all of their facilities and unions so that there will be only 7 bargaining units within the whole of the WRHA. These 7 bargaining units shall be:

  1. nurses;
  2. physicians;
  3. medical residents
  4. physician assistants and clinical assistants;
  5. professional/technical/paramendical (consisting of employees not included in clauses (a) to (d) who hold a degree, licence or certificate and are employed in a paramedical classification;
  6. facility support – consisting of employees in the facilities sector not included in clauses (a) to (e);
  7. community support – consisting of employees in the community sector not included in clauses (a) to (e).

CUPE’s Response to Bill C29

Due to the government’s plans to decrease the number of unions it was going to have with each employer, CUPE thought that it would be proactive to find a solution to our multiple locals throughout the WRHA, 21 of them (20 workplaces as 1 workplace had 2 collective agreements). The Act did state that when there were multiple locals of the same union, they would be treated as one union. 

This is how it was suggested that CUPE merge all 21 of their WRHA bargaining units into 1 large local.

How did this affect Local 1550?

Local 1550 was a 2 bargaining unit local, made up of members from 2 different employers, the WRHA-HSC and CCMB. CCMB is not an entity of the WRHA, we are a “province-wide” employer. Nor will CCMB be joining with DSM and parts of HSC to make up Manitoba Shared Health Services.

The Members of HSC voted to separate from CUPE Local 1550 and join with the newly formed CUPE Local 204, representing the CUPE workers of the WRHA.

The CCMB bargaining unit remained 1550, holding the administrative ends and finalizing the details of our separation. In the fall of 2017 the Membership voted to request a new local number so that we would also be allowed to have a “new beginning” and start fresh as only the CCMB group. CUPE National granted this request and at the end of October we were given our new certification, naming this CUPE Local 5362.

Where are we at with Bill C29?

At this time, the Pallister government has not yet named the commissioner who will decide what jobs belong to what classification. We believe that will be announced upon the start up date of Manitoba Shared Health.