Please click below for the current collective agreement between CUPE Local 1550 and CancerCare Manitoba. With all of the changes that this current PC government has enacted in health care we have not yet started to bargain on a new collective agreement. The fact that we have not yet started to bargain is the fault of the government and the public health care employers, not CUPE. We were ready to bargain, we had our proposals ready and all notices regarding intent to bargain were ready and on time.Pallister’s government enacted bill 28, The Public Services Sustainability Act. This act has put an automatic wage freeze for all public servants, including healthcare workers that will include two (2) years of zero (0) increases, one (1) year of a 0.75% increase followed by one (1) year with a 1% increase. This act also stops the ability to negotiate other monetary items such as improvements to shift and weekend premiums.

Please remember that all of the uneasiness in health care right now is at the hands of this government, including that fact that you will not be seeing any improvements to your collective agreement in the near future.

Click here for the CUPE/CCMB Collective Agreement.


CUPE Local 1550 is governed by a set of By-laws which must be approved by CUPE National. These outline how the Local is to be run such as what positions must be on the Executive, how many membership meetings need to be held and guidelines on spending money. They must adhere to the CUPE National Constitution and the include items that are local specific.

Click here to view the latest set of bylaws. They have been “tentatively” approved by National upon first reading, but there were some changes that were required. Those changes have been approved by the Local membership on October 25, 2017.